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Branding and Identity

Be remembered by your clients and target market with unique company branding and identity. Having a logo, tagline and identity gives your business personalty and builds trust.

Graphic Design

Catch the eyes of your audience and stand out from your competitors. Clean, unique and intentional graphic design builds the authority and memorability of your company. See the logo, website and print design we’ve done in our portfolio.

Web Development

Have a website that’s custom coded just for you. Our team of web developers and designers build each site from scratch to be tailor made to meet your unique company and its needs.

Let’s Chat

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Hear What People Are Saying About Our Services

  • “Light Up The Dark took what we were on the inside and made sure my web site communicated that at first glance. They were direct in the path I needed to go to ensure I would have success, and I AM!”

    Double Take Salon & Spa
  • “Light Up the Dark has been a life saver. My website was getting a lot of traffic but had almost a 90% bounce rate so I wasn't getting any phone calls. Light Up the Dark was extremely quick to get me a custom website that looks amazing. Thank you for your great work and complete professionalism.”

  • “Light Up the Dark has been help us with our web development for years. They have always done an amazing job and they are extremely reliable. I can't say enough great things about this company. Keep up the good work because I plan on being a lifetime client.”

  • “Light Up the Dark is amazing. Our landscaping company had a really bad website but we were still getting about 2-3 new bids a week from it. After Light Up the Dark built a custom website, we started getting 2-3 bids a day. It was more business than we could handle. That's a good problem to have!”

    Garden Gate Landscaping
  • “We've worked with Light Up the Dark for years now. They've built us multiple websites for multiple companies and I have nothing but great stuff to say about their work and their customer service. The custom websites that they build really exemplify the companies they build them for. I am more than happy to refer them out when I can.”

    KC Detailing & Bee Found
  • “Light Up the Dark has done an amazing job for our company over the years. We hear from our new clients almost every day that they decided to go with our company over our competitors because they like our website more. Thank you, thank you, thank you Light Up the Dark! Our company would not be where it is today without you!”



Branding & Design

Give your company a memorable personality strong branding and identity. Household companies like Target, Walmart and Google know the significance of polishing their brand. Our team will brand your business and design the right logo, color choices, projection and consistency.

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Conversion Strategy

Increase your revenues by having a website that's built for conversion. If your website isn't designed for user conversion you won't turn as many leads into clients, which means you're not making the money you could be. In many cases our custom Kansas City web design has doubled conversion rates for our clients websites.

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User Interface

Have a website that focuses on it's primary purpose - the user. All of our Kansas City web design projects have one goal in mind - user interface. We'll work with you to determine exactly what your goal is for each person who uses your website and then do web development based off that strategy.

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Graphic Design

Use the power of images to convert your clients. Excellent graphic design will set you apart from your competitors every time. Remember, your clients are much more likely to choose the company based on what they see and feel. Have a website that establishes the reputation, trust and authority that represents your business.

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Web Development

Don't settle for anything less than than the best. At Light Up The Dark all of our Kansas City web design projects are 100% custom designed and developed by our team. Every line of code from icons and buttons to menus is developed exclusively for your business so you can have a website that is tailor-made just for you.

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Training & Support

Get the training you need to use your custom website. We believe that our clients are best served by being empowered to implement any changes they need to their own website whether it be photos or content. Sure, we can make those changes. But we've found that business owners are greatly benefited by being able to take full advantage of their website.

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